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Winery Participation

Details & Responsibilities

Pouring Setup

  • Wine tasting runs 4 - 8 PM

  • You will receive $250 flat pouring fee for your time and materials.

  • You may pour 2 varieties

  • Arrive at your host merchant location and BE SET UP NO LATER than 3:30 PM

  • Supply your own pouring equipment (e.g. corkscrews, water pitcher, spill bucket, coolers, ice)

  • Be prepared with adequate supplies for 400 guests

Check-In &
Wine Shop

  • Location to be announced.

  • Drop off 2 cases of each pouring selection to sell between 2 -  3 PM.

  • Pick up any unsold bottles and collect your check between 8 - 9 PM.

  • NOTE: bottles sold to guests will be purchased from you at your wholesale price by HDSA (reseller permit available).

For the guests

  • Guests purchase tickets online prior to the event for $35, during at-door if available for $40.

  • Check-in starts at 3 PM (tasting is from 4-8 PM)

  • ID’s are checked, wristbands issued, and each guest receives a map, a $10 off 2 or more bottles purchase credit, and 10 tasting tickets per paid entry

  • Guests may also opt to purchase additional tasting tickets for $1.50 each

  • Guests may participate in the tasting using their own glasses, or purchase a $5 commemorative wine tumbler at the wine shop location. Single use plastic cups are also available for free.

  • Guests may purchase bottles of wine at the check-in/wine shop location

2024 Snohomish Wine Walks
Winery Application Form
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2024 Wine Walk Dates (select all dates you are interested in participating - you may not be selected for all dates you requested):
The Jun. 1st Wine Walk is held in collaboration with the Snohomish Pride event. If you applied for this occurence, plese identify whether you have a Pride label or special edition you can feature during the Walk:

Registration for the 2024 Snohomish Wine Walks have closed. Please reach out to for any questions.

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