Leprechaun Quest 2022
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Hello HDSA merchants!

Welcome to our 3rd Annual “Leprechaun Quest” promotion, scheduled to run from Friday, March 5th through Wednesday, March 17!  This is a fun and relatively easy to manage St. Patrick’s Day themed scavenger hunt event, free to the public.  We’re running it for two weekends to provide maximum opportunities for the public to participate.

Questers can start their quest by picking up an entry form from any participating merchant.  We will also allow them to print from a pdf link on our website.  Entry forms include a list of merchants where a leprechaun figurine is “hidden” just well enough to require a look around your establishment.  Each figurine will also be identified with a Leprechaun Quest logo.  Upon finding the figurine, the participant can present their entry form, get it stamped, and set out to find more figurines.  While there will be 20 participating locations, participants will be asked to get a minimum of just 15 stamps to qualify for the prize drawing.

Merchant fee is $20.  This includes the cost of a leprechaun figurine, Celtic stamp and stamp pad.  We’ll ask 2 or 3 of these merchants to also serve as collection points for the completed entry forms. 


All materials will be delivered to each merchant prior to March 4th.


There are 20 spots available for merchants all throughout the HDS district to participate, including 3 spots that can also serve as entry drop-off points.  We provide all the materials and promotion.  You simply welcome “questers” and let them explore your shop, restaurant or business.


We are also asking each participating business to donate a gift certificate to be included in the “Pot O’Prizes” awarded to a lucky winner via a prize drawing on the day following St. Patrick’s Day.



Terry Schuler

HDSA Executive Director


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